I Help Organizations Successfully Hire, Train, and Retain Women Veterans

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Most business leaders want to hire more women veterans but aren't sure how to fully capitalize on their unique skills and talents so they'll want to stay.

Your pool of leadership talent is far too critical to just "hope for the best."

I Can Help

As a twenty-year veteran, I understand the challenges women veterans face in transitioning from one corporate culture to another.

With a Masters in Human Behavior, a PhD in Psychology, and a focus on personal and positive leadership, I know what makes high achievers tick and how to help them become even more successful.

How it Works

1. Onboard

Equip new women veteran employees to successfully integrate into the company culture and add value to all workforce development programs.

2. Educate

Train current employees on how to successfully team with women veterans.

3. Develop

Provide leadership training specifically designed to capitalize on the unique skills of women veterans.

Why It Matters

You are a mission-driven organization that knows the value of hiring talented leaders.

But the secrets to successfully onboard, integrate, and retain talented, women veterans seem elusive.

As a twenty-year veteran, I understand the challenge women veterans face in finding a organization that understands how to capitalize on their unique skills and talents.

And as a personal and positive leadership expert, I know how important it is for companies to develop professionals who can lead themselves first, then bring out the best in others.


5 Things Every HR Director Needs to Know Before Hiring a Female Veteran

Veterans have unique skills, talents, and experiences. Know what to expect and how to help them enhance your organization.


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